In Memoriam
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Monday’s are so terrible anyway. I didn’t need anything else ruining it for me. Just Monday being Monday is usually bad enough.

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I was shooting to be in the top 20. Missed it by that much, really, and came in 25th place. That’s 25th out of 197 entries. I’m pretty satisfied with that actually! It’s quite an achievement for my first attempt at an animation competition.

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Screen Grab 1

This will be the second online competition I’ve participated in (the first being a Christmas themed CG render contest). I started much too late last time and ended up with a half-assed entry. For the 11 Second Club, I’ve employed the entire month of May, and I’ve needed it for my hand-drawn animation.

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Drawing Prompts

20 Drawing Prompts – April 2014

drawing ideas to stir your creative juices
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Honestly, these 20 drawing prompts were harder to write than the last 3 sets. I’m not sure why that is. Maybe the stress of taxes and Obamacare have weighed me down some? The good news is, I have health insurance now and I’m 40% sure I did my taxes right!

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Some Winnie the Pooh and Piglet designs

Sketchbook March 2014

Some random pages from my sketchbook
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I have 6 sketchbooks with lots of blank pages. Recently, I committed to filling up some pages in various styles of drawing and sharing my results. These are simple and silly hand exercises that amuse me.

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Rick Sketch

Rick Basketball Animatic

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An animatic is a series of storyboards set in motion to an audio track of music or dialogue. Often, the director will employ the use of an animatic for the purposes of checking the timing, action, and camera angle of their project.

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